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A common mistake I see with MLM leaders is trying to do it all. Your doing client management, team management, lead generation, closing sales, closing market partners, creating resources, strategizing, calendar management; the list is long. You run a business and an entire team, but you’re holding yourself back by not sourcing.  If you want […]

Why You Need a VA in Your MLM Business

Have you ever wondered how to brand yourself on Instagram? One of my favorite compliments is when people tell me they love my brand on Instagram! The best part is that I don’t hire fancy photographers or spend tons of money on Lightroom presets. I write all of my captions, and I didn’t hire a […]

How to Brand Yourself on Instagram (3 tips to attract followers)

how to organize and strategize your hashtags

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I created this workbook to help you keep up with the best hashtags for your business. 

hashtag workbook