i'M samantha Harris



As a Virtual Assistant, I have a huge passion to help others. After working in Administrative Services, Information Technology, and Network Marketing for over 5 years - I realized I have so much to offer the online space.

Some thing's I want you to know about me - I am a badass cancer suvivor, soon to be wife, and I love Texas with all my heart!

Who am I? How did I get here?

My work in the online space all started back in 2015 with Youtube. I wasn't too bad at it if I say so myself- haha! I still do freelance videos a couple times a year to this day. This is where I got my love for creating, social media, and just trying to learn anything I could about how to show up online.

From there I dabbled in all kinds of passion projects and learning how to create cool shit! I never really had any guidance and nothing really stuck until I joined my network marketing company, Modern Nature. When I joined this company everything changed!

I started to learn effective ways to show up online and really began to create a brand for myself! But I wasn't stopping there, I craved more. I still had so much more to offer.

That's when I hired my first business coach. When I tell you I leveled up - I mean I leveled up in every aspect of my life. My first mastermind taught me so much about how I could truly do anything I wanted in the online space and make something of my life without having a college degree.

This all lead me to you - or you to me... after all, you came to my website! So this is me, today, I am many things but most importantly,  I am here to serve as the most diligent bff virtual assistant to all!